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Construction Office Trailers

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Buy or lease Construction site office trailers ready to go with everything you need to start work.

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Churches for 10 to 1000 people can be designed with modular construction for up to 30% less

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Mobile Classrooms

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All of our mobile portable classrooms are flexible top quality units setup on your site quickly.

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Ramps And Steps

Trailer Ramps And Steps

We make it easy for you by including essentials like steps, door locks, ramps, and awnings.

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Modular Buildings

Modular Building Prices

A wide selection of modular building designs for classrooms, workforce housing and retail uses.

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Portable Sales Offices

Mobile Sales Offices

We can supply you with 1 to 100 complete mobile and modular offices from 300 to over 3000 sq. ft.

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Mobile Office Trailer Leasing FAQ's

How does leasing a mobile office work? We can provide you with the lowest prices on mobile office trailers for lease or purchase. Choose from hundreds of office trailers and construction trailer rentals in over 200 cities available now. Job site trailer delivery to your site with setup options always available. Choose from dozens of sizes, style and layouts of portable offices, conex offices, modular and mobile offices for rent, prefab offices, construction trailers for rent, job site office solutions and just about anything your business needs for more work space. The most options of both large and small office trailers ready to roll.

How much does it cost to rent a construction site office trailer? Construction office trailers for lease begin at about $200 per month and can go up to $1000 per month or more. The range of sizes and mobile offices and features have a huge impact on the cost. Basic workspaces can be had for little cost and are a great job site office space solution. The first step in determining how much a mobile office trailer costs is knowing the location, size and the current inventory levels in your area based on season and demand.

How can I use a mobile sales office lease? Our mobile sales office trailers provide instant modern office space at any location or on any job site. Auto dealership sales offices and real estate sales office trailers are the two most common use requests we get. The ability to rent a mobile sales office, have it setup and work from anywhere to serve your customers makes it a simple and efficient solution in almost any industry.

Why rent a construction office trailer? One of the biggest attraction to leasing office trailers for your construction or job site is the low upfront cost and maintenance. Companies lease and receive fast set up, tutorials on features and how to use the office space and pay only for the time they need for their project. At the end it is removed and they have no headache or worry. Construction site trailer leasing solves problems. Many of the advantages of renting a mobile office trailer is the smaller upfront cost, ease of removal after the project timeframe and ability to scale or move the office as the project changes. The cost of the mobile office when buying is sometimes not an expense your project can afford.

Do I get a new office trailer or a used mobile office trailer? Leasing office trailers make up most of the industry as it solves the most issues for companies. All the mobile office for lease are in excellent like new shape that will reflect well on your customers and employees. Used mobile office trailers make up the majority of office trailers clients rent but only well kept, cleaned and modern offices that are often like new offices. If you wish to buy a mobile office trailer we have providers with hundreds of brand new office trailers for sale as well.

Do you build or lease modular classrooms and classroom trailers?One of the most in demand modular and mobile office solutions are mobile classroom trailers and modular classrooms. The overcrowding in schools and need for short term classroom expansion makes this an ideal solution. Mobile classroom trailers and portable classrooms can be setup quickly and provide a clean learning envirnoment. Modular classrooms can be built for 20-50% less cost to the school as well and scale in size as the need for modular classrooms grow. The demand for prefab classroom buildings has doubled in the past 10 years alone.

How big is a mobile office? What sizes are there? Mobile office trailer sizes range from small single wide to triple wide trailers designed for businesses. Widths are 8 to 28 feet wide and lengths rang from 20 feet to 74 feet in length. Many layouts and size options exist for your application. 8’x20’ small mobile office trailers, 8'x24'office trailers, 8’x28’ mobile office trailers, 8’x32’ mobile office trailers, 8’x36’ mobile office trailers, 10x36 mobile office trailers, 10’x44’ mobile office trailers, 10x50 mobile office trailers, 12’x32’ mobile office trailers, 12’x44’ mobile office trailers, 12’x56’ mobile office trailers, 12’x60’ mobile office trailers, 14’x45’ construction office trailers, 24’x44’ large sales office trailers, 24’x56’ mobile office trailers, 24’x60’ mobile office trailers, 28’x70’ mobile office trailers and largest 28’x74’ mobile office trailers. With modifications and all options there are over 3 dozen popular sizes of used mobile office trailers for lease or purchase.

Where can I buy a used construction trailer? Almost all construction trailers are used in some sense due to leasing being the most common transaction. Most construction offices leases are 6 months to 3 years in length meaning a construction office trailer can be used by 5-10 companies and job sites in its' lifespan. With this in mind there is also a market for people looking to buy a used construction trailer for other projects. Used construction trailers are for sale quite often as new models, trailers and office units come into circulation and others leave. If you want to buy a used office trailer or make an outright purchase of a construction trailer simply send us a purchase quote request now. Our partners and suppliers have many used construction offices for sale for your to choose from.

How much is it to lease a portable classroom or church building? Portable classrooms are rising in demand as districts grow faster than new school development. More and more schools are looking for portable classrooms for lease near them and getting familiar with the benefits and process. Portable classrooms are a flexible solution that can grow and expand as needed and require little site preparation. If you are considering how much it costs to rent a portable classroom for your school, summer camp or commercial training unit you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $3500 per month depending on size, location, terms and ammenities of the units you require. Learn more about renting a portable classroom here.


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