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8x36 Mobile Office Trailers

8x36 office trailer are one of the most common and useful medium size portable office unit choices. Offering 288 sq. ft. of space it makes it ideal for a medium sized office team at your jobsite as a construction field office. Compare prices on our many 8ft x 36ft office trailer units from all our brands, makes and models. Generally a job site office offers space for 1 person for every 120 sq feet of office space depending on the layout. If you have need for office space anywhere for 1-3 employees with meeting areas then a 8ft x 36ft office trailer is likely an ideal size option.


Common questions about leasing a 8ft x 36ft office trailer

Mobile office specifications:

Width: 8ft wide trailers
Length: 36ft office trailers
Mobile office with bathroom: Available
Office steps and ramps: Available
Meeting rooms: Available
Max sq ft: 288
Category: medium office trailers
Employees: 2-3 employees
Availability: Large selection
Applications: 8x36 office trailers, 8x36 sales offices, 8x36 construction site trailer, 8x36 job site office, 8x36 portable classroom

What is the length of a lease?

A common lease term for a 8x36 office trailer for your job site is generally 6-12 months. Renting is the smart move for anyone looking to utlize the office trailer for under 3 years time in total. A medium office trailer like the 8ft x 36ft units is very common on job sites and the mobile office lease term for such an application is almost always determined by the size of your project. We offer office trailer rental of anywhere from 3 months lease to 3 year leasing. The length of the term will affect the monthly cost as well.

How much is a 8x36 office trailer?

Leasing a 8x36 office trailers can start as low as $170 where purchasing of any office trailer will run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Purchasing is often not an option for many projects due to the upfront cost. If you planned usage extends into many years time and you require customization then buying a 8x36 office trailer makes more sense. As with all sizes of office trailers and job site offices the cost of setup, delivery and the location will also affect the cost to you.

8x36 Office Trailers For Your Site
8'x36' Classroom Leasing
8x36 Construction Trailers

Office Trailer Prices And Options

It costs less than you think to design and build mobile office trailers for your organization.

A mobile office trailer serve as an economical and effective solution for those seeking permanent, long-term, or temporary facilities. Prefab buildings can exist as complete buildings of their own, or they can function as partitions or add-ons of existing permanent structures. The latter is frequently the case in manufacturing facilities and industrial warehouses.

8' x 36' office trailer prices

✅ All sizes of office trailers available

✅ 8ft x 36ft construction trailers in stock

✅ 288sq ft of working space

Mobile Office Trailers Design Prices

8' x 36' Office Trailers
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The perfect medium mobile office trailer

Office trailers and medium 8' x 36' portable classrooms offer flexible solutions to the space needs of companies and organizations. 8' x 36' mobile offices are used for office space, construction site offices, job sites, classrooms, churches and almost any other place a company needs meeting and working space. Companies looking to rent mobile office trailers get a low upfront cost solution for short or long term projects. The ability to lease a mobile office trailers and have instant space for your team that can be scaled up or down solves many problems. For as low as $200 a month in some cases you can expand your working space and work from your job site or property in comfort this week. Get a quote now on hundreds of mobile office trailers and save our latest deals and Jul 2020 office trailer prices on a medium office trailer like our popular 8' x 36' office trailers in stock now.

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8x36 Office Trailers For Your Site | 8x36 Construction Trailers | 8x 36ft Office Trailers | 8'x36' Classroom Leasing