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Modular Buildings, Offices & Classrooms

Compare savings of 30-50% on modular buildings, office space, classrooms and retail buildings. Compare pricing options and save up to 50% on construction costs.

Modular Building Prices


Expand your space for up tp 50% less per foot this summer. A modern custom building for your orgainzation or business in half the time and half the cost. Save $1000's on your expansion today.

Modular Buildings

Modular Offices

No matter what category of building you are looking for this most common type if you will have addition room designs and offices. This is the most common type that often combines open space with work space.

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Modular Classrooms And Day Care Buildings

Modular Classrooms

Educational use buildings for camps or community learning centers should compare our classroom options. These designs are perfect for childcare or most any other kind of educational use from 10 to 100 kids.

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Modular Retail Buildings For Less

Retail Or Restaurant

Any customer facing and serving building use should choose this category of design. Both food service related and non will find many designs that offer front and backend designs and details for retail.

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Modular Buildings

Workforce Housing

Any large or livable space should choose this category. This is an ideal commercial, agricultural and corporate solution to efficient housing. Buildings that cost half the price per square foot and go up in half the time.

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Modular Churches

Churches Or Daycare

Modular churches are a way to build in less time for a lower cost. Generally open with seating only in most cases. If you will need open floor plan desks, additional rooms and and work stations check out our office or classroom options also.

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Low Cost Modular Buildings

What is the cost?

Whether you are building a church, daycare center, office space or retail modular building the cost of construction can often be more than 50% less that standard construction. Expect anywhere from $25 to $125 sq ft depending on type.

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You can simply choose the OTHER option above and speak to our design and product experts for all the top manufacturers and find a layout that fits all your specific needs. This is ideal for multiuse buildings or facilities with more than one required work space.


Save up to 30% off when you compare modular buildings and office prices from over 20 providers.

Modular Building Prices


Modular office buildings are pre-fabricated and customizable structures that provide temporary or permanent solutions to meet the needs of any business. If your project requires a quick turnaround, modular buildings can be built in as much as half the time of conventionally-constructed buildings. This is because while the foundation is being laid at the construction site, construction of the modules happens simultaneously in a factory. The controlled factory means that construction on the modules continues regardless of weather. Weather delays can be quite common on conventional construction sites. Some modular office buildings can be move-in ready in as little as 12 weeks. It all depends on the scope of the project.


Testimonials From Customers

  • "The attraction of 50% less construction time brought our company looking for a modular building. First search we did we found Streamline and got all the pricing details and ended up going with a provider that saved us about 20% of our budget!."

    Kevin Reedy
    Owner - Reedy Group Inc
  • "Super pleased with the quote and final product we got through Streamline Office. Within 24 hours we had prices and options to consider and 72 hours later our project was under construction and in the design phase. Easy process and saved over $8000."

    Darren James
    Project Manager- Shoreside Properties LLC
  • "We needed to upgrade our ramps and steps to remain compliant and knew it would be a large expense. We got a wide range of prices from a single search on your website and the lowest price was almost a 40% savings."

    Stacey Carter
    Safety Manager - Gala Events Inc.
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